IC Scope MK20-20    New Release 2018 Laser Rangefinder

The best advance in Range Finders in years, is Improvers Golf IC Scope range, they are exclusively sold in Australia & New Zealand by Improvers Golf.


Exceptional inherent value by the never again need to keep replacing batteries, all our IC Scopes are USB Rechargeable in fact they use the same connector as many mobile phones.


The recharge is done within 15 minutes and then you have enough power for 4 - 6 games on average.


The MK20-20 is our fully optioned model featuring USB Rechargeable connection, Distance, Power Jolt vibration when locked on target and a virtual high level display of Slope calculations, supply all the information a golfer needs to select the right iron / wood to get the job done !


This multifunctional laser range finder operates in 2 modes by simply pressing "Mode" button to switch between the modes:

Mode 1 = Normal Mode Distance + Flag LockOn + Power Jolt

Mode 2 = Slope Adjusted Distance + Flag LockOn + Power Jolt


"LockOn Power JoltTM


It is compact, light in weight, small in volume, very easy to operation and carry.

6x magnification with the adjustable focusing eyepiece.  Measuring both distance and speed.  Safe as it is harmless to human eyes.  Useful for its high accuracy, short measuring time and low power consumption. 


No more batteries, no more loss of power, power supply is as simple as charging via your car lighter on your way to play golf.


IC Scope Range finders are superior and the MK models are 2018 Built.

IC Scope MK20-20 New Release 2018 Laser Rangefinder

SKU: IG-RF-MK20-20

    IC Scope MK20-20 Flag LockOn + Power Jolt + Slope Rangefinder


    Magnification:  6x

    Objective Lens:  25mm

    Field of view:  7 degree

    Measuring Time:  0.5-1.0 second

    Laser Light Type:  905nm

    Exit Pupil diameter:  3.9mm

    Distance Measure Accuracy:  +1/-1% metre/yard

    Angle Measure Accuracy:  +/- 45 degree

    Lens Coatings:  Fully Multi-Coated

    Net Weight:  190g

    Dimensions:  107 x 43 x 79cm

    Battery:  Built-in Lithium Battery, USB Rechargeable

    Measurement Range:  5-500m

    Water Resistant:  Yes

    Scan Model:  Yes

    Mode:  Distance + Flag LockOn + Power Jolt + Slope Correction

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